HysM?127 - Babau - Live At Aggarbato

genre: psychedelic/exotic
tape 4 tracks, 25 min. [limited edition 36 copies]
listen: Full album on Bandcamp
Status: Available 5 euros

Babau is not a monster, but they are two people, sometimes three, who like to play in places that don't exist. Aggarbato is one of these places. Their exotic music enhances the relics of the place where they play, giving life to evanescent buildings and fading furniture.
HysM?126 - The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - The Hero With A Thousand Faeces

genre: weird-folk/noise
cdr 41 tracks,  80 min. [limited edition 60 copies]
listen: Two songs on Youtube
Status: Available 6 euros

In this album BDSR employs 41 songs to reach altered states of consciousness and perceive and interact with a spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world. We hope our shaman had access to benevolent spirits, this time. 
Supposte Alla Fragola #9 - May 2016

With the contribution of:

David Opp
Eleonora Spataro
Stefano Spataro
Jacopo Fiore
Luca Tomasicchio
Alessandro Galatola

a5, 20 pgs., b/w [ltd. 100 copies]
Available: 2 euros